Monday, May 25, 2009

Dogs are good.

I vacuumed my place and walked over to the dog park to see Donna & Jen hang out with their dogs, where I stood for the better part of an hour and walked home. I had some foot drop near to my house, but not really bad.

I'm not tired. Not in the least. Fatigue isn't my biggest problem, and none of my health care team want that to be true. I do get fatigue, but not every day. Not even most days. My biggest problem is that random limbs and cognitive functions just stop working without warning or reason. Since there's no drug or therapy that fixes that, I've been told that it isn't my biggest problem.

It can't be my biggest problem because it's the the thing that makes MS, MS. If I have a problem with having MS, I'm going to be unhappy, angry and unable to move forward with my life.

*I simply have to stop having a problem with having MS*

Then I will be happy, loving and moving forward.

I think I'm going to change MS clinics. They do less research at Burnaby, but maybe they won't be such condescending pricks.

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  1. LOL! I'm fairly positive about my life 8 years past diagnosis but even *I* still very much have a problem with having MS! It would be completely insane not to have a problem with it!