Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stuff that matters to me

A List

(Offered without comment or reason and only in order that they occur to me. If you have a question, comment.)

1. My marriage.
2. My health.
3. My spouse's health.
4. Our families.
5. Making our life comfortable.
6. Good Indian food.
7. Good governance.
8. Good character.
9. Good Thai food.
10. Good manners.
11. Good bath products.
12. Good Japanese food.
13. Good cocktails.
14. Good thinkers.
15. Good burgers.
16. 16 out of 18 items on this list.
17. The Montreal Canadiens winning a(nother) Stanley Cup in my lifetime.
18. Figuring out what I want to do with what is left of my life.
19. Being organized.
20. The Daily Show.
21. Rick Mercer.
22. Shoes.
23. My friends.
24. The people I like and respect for their public conduct.
25. Bacon.
26. The word "Fuck".
27. Remembering where I came from.
28. Writing.
29. Collecting Airmiles.

30. Goading people into helping me raise money for the MS Society of Canada.

1 comment:

  1. The vast majority of those things matter to me too. Including 31. You

    Hope you're doing alright darlin. :)