Thursday, July 26, 2012

Current Events

The more time I spend online reading the news about the world, the more I am hopeful that the Mayans were right and it will all go up in flames in December.

I have been avoiding stories about the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre shooting last week. I have many thoughts about it being more difficult to get licensed to drive a car than it is to get an assault rifle and how no one from the NRA can tell me why it was right that the man who shot up this public space had access to that weaponry. But that's not the point of this post. I won't engage in any conversation about the 2nd Amendent (because I'm Canadian, and other than the basic constitutionality of keeping and bearing arms, I am not equipped with either the facts or the culture to engage in a debate).

But I do know that Caleb Medley went to see a movie with his wife and got shot in the face for his trouble. I know that he is (or was) a Wal-Mart employee without health insurance who lost an eye and suffered some brain damage a couple of days after he got the biggest break in stand-up comedy of his life and a couple of days before he became a father.

Caleb Medley is going to live through this, it appears. The hospital has told his family that his medical bills could be as much as 2 million dollars.

The part of Caleb Medley's story that hits home for me is that this person is chasing the one dream he's always had while trying to pragmatically do right by his commitments and then the world comes crashing in on him in one crazy moment, through no fault of his own.

If you can help Caleb Medley with whatever kind of help you can offer (there's a mailing address at if you want to send goods or cheques rather than cash online) I am sure the Medley family will appreciate it.

Because as difficult as the the changes this month have been for me, they pale in comparison to being shot in the face at the midnight showing of the latest Batman movie.

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