Saturday, May 11, 2013


I bought a martini glass to hold my loose change and a round short vase to hold my beach glass collection when I find it.

I used Google Maps to reason that if I could walk from my old apartment in Vancouver to the GhettoMall of East Van, then I could walk almost the equal distance from my current apartment to the Dollarama down the road.

Bonus points: No part of this current trip was up or down hill.

So I walked to the dollar store for cheap glassware, candy, and Mr. Freezes.

It rained again tonight, but still no storm. The temperature just made it into the teens (55F) today, and the grey, overcast skies reminded me of Vancouver. Perfect weather for a walk.

My friend Donna got married today. I saw photos on Twitter. It was lovely.

She had amazing shoes.

I hope marriage agrees with her as much as it does with me. Marriage is awesome.

Nothing went right today. I`ve been having problems with my phone and my computer and both of them *just* had their warranties lapse days ago. Apparently, the problem is mine, yet no one can tell me how much it will cost to fix the problem.

I hate these things.

I really hate today.