Monday, June 10, 2013


Why do ALL of my great ideas require $1,000 to put into motion?

Had this great plan a week ago, now I find I don't qualify because I'm not a Ontario registered business with an HST number. And I have to sign a year contract.

I could be an Ontario registered business and go through with the plan if I had about $1,000.

I have this opportunity to become a sales consultant for products I really love but I need $150 for start up costs, and another $300 to get into some vendor fairs over the summer. Even if I don't sell a single one, the products I get in the starter kit are worth it to me.

I've been networking once a week at a cost of at least $20 per event, I think I've spent over $100 just trying to meet people who might hire me. I'm wondering now if it has been totally wasted, because I haven't had a second look from anyone, except for the people who want to sell me what they are selling.

I just want to make the rent, that's all.

It has been raining solid here all day, but here at 8:21 PM it appears that the sun is going to force its way through the clouds and provide us a sunset.

The sunset through the Ambassador Bridge is actually quite lovely if you think bridges are lovely.

I feel like my whole life is a made up story. I worked today, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around what this job entails. It's easy, and I get mega amounts of praise for it, and then it's challenging, and it's like "no big whup".

Bizarro world.


I'm trying to make friends, and its hard.

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