Monday, March 16, 2009

My Kingdom for an $85 Cure!

As I mentioned before, I spent some time online with the MS "Truthers".

As a result of this, I have this crazy woman in Connecticut sending me her scientific thesis summaries about what causes and "cures" MS. She didn't write cures. She wrote "cures", because to hold out her formulations as a cure would be fraud and the FDA could move to have her shut down. But if she writes "cures", to mean "I live symptom free", it's perfectly legal.

She sent me information on her mail order business. She wants me to purchase her "cure" because in 5 days I will be "cured" if I do it.

So I read what her cure was.

$85 a week for a colon cleanse. $85 a week for a colon cleanse program that will only "guarantee" results if I do it for 52 weeks. In a row. At the same day and time of the week, every week.

THIS is how desperate this disease makes you, and if this woman had any sort of science and documentation to back her up *I* would probably try it. I would do just about anything, short of human sacrifice, to not have to deal with this. I would just like to get better, find some sort of maintenance program which gives me my life back and then forget all about having this disease.

But this science is coming from a woman who is a PhD candidate at a fine arts academy, which was the obvious next step after completing her MFA in Creative Writing.

Good "science" is often the product of Fine Arts education.


  1. Lori, unfortunately there are some scam "artists" out there preying on desperation. Glad that you didn't fall for it. BTW, now I really am curious to know what online groups you visited.

  2. Found your blog on the MS Carnival and am enjoying reading it. You have a great way of turning your dark thoughts to laughter that I'm sure is serving you well.

    I have MS and am an acupuncturist. I've seen a lot of people come in and out of my office seeking "miracle" cures. As you've figured out very quickly, there are no miracle cures. I've chased a number of them, each time thinking I'd discovered the "root" of my illness and hoping that this time was it! Only to come back down to earth a month or a year later. I understand the desperation too.