Sunday, June 27, 2010


My brainz don't feel so good.

The physical symptoms are easy to ignore these days, but having a thought or memory is becoming increasingly difficult.

Apparently, there's nothing they can do... I just have teh dum.

I'm pretty sure that this is now the worst thing about MS now that the fatigue isn't an issue. I find it difficult to live like this and be at all interested in life or the world around me.

I am seriously considering giving up the news and my twitter account because I can't think logically or critically about the world around me. I can't focus long enough to read more than a few paragraphs out of a book. I can't put coherent sentences together; often putting different tenses and switching from the first person to the third person and back again in the same sentence or paragraph. I'm so tired of feeling stupid all the fucking time.

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