Saturday, June 5, 2010

One foot in front of the other.

I have been walking around the block on my lunch hours for the past two weeks. At first I thought it was because of my pathological fear of getting obese, but I realize that there is a greater benefit.

My nerve fatigue in my left leg rarely happens anymore. I can easily get around two square blocks at a pretty good speed without it happening, and then make it up three flights of stairs up to my office.

I've been doing physiotherapy exercises throughout the day, going to see Ray "Magic Hands" Ranger on Thursdays for $15.75 massage therapy, walking every day, and watching what I eat (I try to make 50% of what I eat each day fresh fruit and vegetables) and the strength in my leg nerves is improving.

I walked the two blocks around my office on my lunch hour, worked the rest of the day, met Joe for some dinner and then about 8 PM walked several more blocks to the hardware store for some items to fix up the apartment tomorrow and I made it with no nerve fatigue.

I still feel like I'm talking like a three year-old who's learned not to shit her pants anymore, but what the hell.

I still don't trust my body. I know that it will betray me when I least suspect it. But it's nice to know that I've got a pretty good chance of being able to get myself into a position where I can call for help when it does.

The Copaxone has left me feeling like I've been running into a lot of door frames and table corners, along with these strange itchy lumps two or three days after shooting into my arms. The other parts of my body don't seem to react like that. My Copaxone nurse doesn't think it's anything to worry about and it will probably stop in the next month.

Whatevs... I'm not getting sicker so I guess it's doing something.

This weekend is going to be productive. It has to be, because the last two have been anything but.

Now I'm going to get in my pjs, have a CC and CCZ, and do some prioritization for tomorrow.


Go me.

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