Monday, June 2, 2014


On Saturday, I think I did the equivalent of a month of Stairmaster and Joe did the equivalent of 6 months of Stairmaster.

The heat kept me from doing much stair climbing, but the 50 meter walk from the apartment to the stairway back and forth did me in more than a couple of times. My calves are so tight right now, stepping up and over the side of the tub to have a shower is a feat of pain tolerance.

I think we'll like our new apartment.The landlord is a swell guy. The neighbourhood hasn't been gentrified yet, so we've still got a lot of broke white people and a possible probable drug dealer in the basement. But other than the screaming kids in the neighbourhood, it's a lot like the old neighbourhood in that there are drunk people yelling outside for no reason on Saturday night. I just think the one's here are older than the ones at our old place.

I don't know where any of my clothes are and I have a client meeting in an hour.

I have hangers and hope.

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