Saturday, December 19, 2009

Listography 11 - List the Countries You've Visited

1. The United States of America


Yeah, not well traveled OR well read.

Since that list is lamer than the restaurants list I've decided to make up a new list.

Listography 11B - List Some the Things that Your Dream Job Will Entail

1. Work attire can be pajamas or Chanel suits or ball gowns. Tiara optional.

2. Will require lavishly catered dinners and cocktail parties.

3. Will allow me not to have to worry where the rent is coming from.

4. Will allow me to still do it even if I get sick again.

5. Will have a car and driver.

6. Will allow me to judge people without fear of recrimination.

7. Will allow me travel.

8. Will allow me to do good things for women the world over.

9. Will somehow allow me to combine misanthropy and organization.

10. Will allow me to have an entourage that I can order bowls of only green M&Ms for.

11. Will have new agencies calling me up for an opinion on the topic of the day. Regularly.

12. Will allow me at some point to tell Rex Murphy and Andrew Coyne to get stuffed.

I reserve the right to add or amend this list at any time, without notice.

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