Friday, December 11, 2009


I posted this terrific post by Wheelchair Kamikaze regarding CCSVI to a couple of Facebook groups. This post is thorough and thoughtful and explains better than I could why I am cautiously optimistic about CCSVI and the "Liberation procedure" but not completely sold.

I was then attacked via Facebook messages by people who were completely happy to drink the Zamboni Flavor Aid and were *ANGRY* at me for not being as thrilled and ecstatic about the *cure* as they were.

Oh "ye of little faith"! I, like a lot of us with M.S., am very excited about this treatment if only for the spotlight that this discovery casts on this disease! Don't dash our hopes with your negativity!

That's the only one I didn't delete. The other ones were just fucking rude, like I was purposely trying to piss all over their day by pointing out the obvious unknowns about CCSVI!

I was told that I must be so incredibly disabled that I've just lost all hope and now I can't stand to see other people happy.

I was told that I just needed to get on the MS Recovery Diet and I'll never have an attack again.

I was told to "Think Positively", "Accept Jesus into (my) heart!" and "Count my Blessings! (I'm) not Dying!"

(All Y'all KNOW how much I love being "Brightsided". Fucking gives me the warm fuzzies ALL OVER.)

To recap, all I did was share a well thought out and researched post about CCSVI and then people felt it necessary to send me messages trying to make me feel bad for not believing what they believe.

WHY do people do that?

I disagree with a LOT of what people post to the internet (I have a Twitter account for crying out loud.) but I don't find it necessary to privately message them to tell them that they are wrong for what they think or believe about their own medical condition, even if they are wrong and I know that they will suffer for it. ;)

It's not like I'm some Glen Beck fan spouting crazy in public.


I'll be back tomorrow, it's a big day.

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