Friday, December 25, 2009

Listography 12 - List your Favourite Toys when you were a Child

It's that time of year, The Day That Shall Not Be Named, so this seems like a pretty good list to do. I don't remember a lot about my past, for reasons that I really, really don't want to get into other than to say, "No, my parents didn't abuse me." Moving right along...

I remember having a teddy bear that I wore out. It only had one eye, it might have started out pink, but it was sort of a weird fleshtone in the parts that weren't just the sheer fabric that held the plush. It had a huge head and not much of a body.

I don't have any idea what happened to it or even when it went away.

I loved playing Barbies with Natalie when I was a kid. She had the Barbie Chalet and I had the Camper Van.

The last Xmas I believed in Santa Claus was the one when I got my Cabbage Patch Kid "preemie" named Juliette Clarette.

My sister Julie got a CPK before that Christmas and her's was named Julia Clara. My other sister got hers at the same time I did, and it was a boy preemie named Alon Gunther.

Why do I remember this shit when I can't even remember what I had for breakfast?

My favourite "toy" after that was MTV on the satellite dish. 1984 was the year, and Michael Jackson, Madonna and Duran Duran were my heroes until I saw the Eurythmics. To this day I have wanted to be able to rawk an Annie Lennox hair cut, but my hair is too stupid to not just stand straight up on end.


In other news, there is pretty much no household chore that a couple of Cosmopolitans can't make better.

You won't get any seasonal well wishes from me. I'm not a Christian and I'm not interested. I'll be sending greetings, salutations and even gifts in the new year.

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  1. Funny story:

    I'm having lunch with some programmers I used to work with. Tim, Jeff and Brantley. It's Christmas time so Jeff starts on how he is not a Christian, Christmas is bullshit, blah, blah. Anyway, he says, "I won't wish you Merry Christmas but I will wish you Merry Solstice."

    After a moment Brantley says, "Who's Mary Solstice?"