Sunday, October 28, 2012

In Case of An Emergency

With the 7.7 Haida Gwaii earthquake and "Superstorm" Sandy barrelling down on the US east coast I'm reminded of our own 72 Hour Plan. If you don't have one, you are tempting fate. If you don't trust the government and you don't have a 72 Hour Plan you either have a death wish or are a hypocrite.

Get Prepared is an excellent place for Canadians to start. It will help you prepare for the kind of risks your area is likely to face. There are also links to the the Province of British Columbia Emergency Preparedness Program (and their helpful zombie apocalypse survival guide) and Emergency Management Ontario (which has warnings up about Hurricane Sandy) and all the other provincial and territorial programs on dealing with catastrophes.

Make your plan online

Put your emergency kit together

Or buy a ready-made kit or buy one you add your own food and water to.

For my US friends FEMA has all your disaster related information for your area of the continent.

For my UK chums there's UK Resilience (which is the most awesome government department, ever).

Know your risks. Have a plan. Buy or put together your own kit.

To my friends in Maryland, New Jersey and New York - stay safe, stay warm, stay dry.

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