Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Clearing my Cookies

So, 2 weeks to 10 days ago I saw a sidebar ad for

UM! Brands

I am always looking for cute and useful organizing tools, so I gave them a click.

Turns out, there's absolutely nothing that I want there.

SINCE that afternoon, every time I've gone to a website, I've seen an ad for UM! Brands.

Most recently at the bottom of this page:

Seriouslyforreal.com - This Guy’s Instagram Is Just Him Photoshopped Next To Celebrities

And on ANY website that has videos as GoogleAds. And most with sidebar advertising.

It's fucking creepy. I'm being stalked by a piece of plastic that lets you stick your iPhone to the wall.

And then the sky opened up. 6:11 PM EDT, the rain just fell out of the sky like it couldn't get out of the sky fast enough.

It's now a gentle warm summer rain at 6:19 PM EDT.

Sometimes I wonder if I didn't move a rainforest, rather than the other way around.

Windsor is under a Level 1 Heat Advisory today and tomorrow because the Humidex is expected to feel like 40 DEGREES CELSIUS for TWO STRAIGHT DAYS.


Fuck this shit. FUCK IT RIGHT IN THE EAR

Oddly enough, the heat and humidity hasn't been bothering my MS symptoms too much. I've got some cognitive crap going on, and some fine motor/hand-eye coordination issues that are more like an exaggeration of symptoms I already have.

My hands are numb all the time unless I am in the deep freeze I call work. Joe can't get the bedroom cold enough with our window unit to get rid of the numbness.


I had three people who don't know each other bring up Kickstarter as a funding option.

Maybe I'll give that another thought.

I've cleared my cache and cookies because I don't want nanosuction to be influencing my internet surfing experience.

I just checked the post I referenced. UM! is GONE! YAY!


  1. Hi! I was diagnosed with MS in 2007 but just recently started the blog that I have been writing in my head since the day I got the news. I came across you blog on another MSers blog roll and would love to add your blog to my blog roll as I am working hard to try and put together a thorough and comprehensive list of MS blogs. Although I have run across a few lists (Carnival of MS Blogger being the first that I found) it seems as if there are many blogs that aren't on any of these lists.
    I completely realize that it being my blog, I can put on it what I choose, having already run into one MS blogger that "demanded" that I removed her blog from the list as she didn't care for my sense of humor (or lack of class as she phrased it) figured I would rather ask now. I really don't want to endorse those that feel that way although they are certainly entitled.


    1. Sure you can add me to your blog roll.

      And if your sense of humor managed to piss someone off, I'll have to have a look at that and add it to my feedly.