Tuesday, July 30, 2013


My crazy idea gets closer to fruition every day. I had a quick meeting with a person "prominent in the local business community" and have another one scheduled on Thursday who can help me with the stats and number crunching... and maybe some funding.

Turns out, being chronically unemployed/under-employed for about 16 months might entitle me to some startup cash... but that's not a given at this point.

I'm... trying not to be overly hopeful.

I've made two trips over to Detroit in the past week. This is what I know for sure:
  1. Do not abandon hope for a place that has a Whole Foods, a Starbucks, and a yoga studio on the same block as a hospital and a university campus.
  2. The place that created Techno cannot be bad.
  3. I'm on a first name basis with a bank employee in Detroit, and she's awesome. If we ever turn our finances around, and end up in the US, she's the woman we're talking to. If you're looking for banking services in Detroit, let me refer you.
  4. There is amazing architecture in the city. Architecture so well built it's solid and sound after five to twenty years of neglect.
  5. Mostly the city is just empty. And this building is for sale. Practically everything is for sale.
  6. This is awesome.

I'd move there if the opportunity was there. The only people who are truly getting screwed by the bankruptcy of the City of Detroit is the retirees. Otherwise the resetting of accounts is really freeing the city to find something new. It's already well on its way, as far as I can tell.

I'm still cranky as hell about my life. I've got a project to throw myself into, but it's just. not. moving. fast. enough.

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