Friday, January 20, 2012

How About the Province of British Columbia Lets Its Business Owners Act Like Grownups?

Change BC Liquor Laws preventing Alcohol service at Film Screenings Petition | GoPetition

I support changes to be made to the BC Liquor Control and Licensing Act that prevent Single Screen Movie Theatres from obtaining a liquor license as well as regulations that prevent licensed cultural venues from selling alcohol during film screenings whose primary audience are adults of legal drinking age.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

If this was your last day alive, what would you do?

I am often troubled by the suicides of talented people who have accomplished so much more than me, have immense talent I could never hold a candle to, and are funnier than I will ever be.

True, I don’t have a drug habit or alcoholism but I could have. It would, at the very least, give me the affectation and air that would make my dark outlook intriguing and artistic rather than just bitter and cynical.

I'm sad when good people get to that point. I almost wrote what I actually think of human existence but I was afraid that in doing so you, dear reader, would think that I am ready to check into a hotel and drink antifreeze.

I have far too many obligations to other people to kill myself right now, thanks.


I often sleep to late on weekends to take my Wellbutrin. If I take it after 9 AM I won't be able to sleep that night. That means I often spend Saturdays and Sundays in this half-asleep stupor with a low blood sugar headache because I am too sleepy to make something to eat.

Clearly, I am an idiot. I also almost always shut off my alarm before getting out of bed because I know it's a weekend morning.

More idiocy.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012. Bring it on.

Another year has passed on this planet. In the grand scheme of the universe and everything that’s like five seconds, but in the context of a single human lifetime it becomes less and less meaningful as time goes on.

I mean, when you’re five a year might be the maximum of what you have ever remembered. When you’re 40 a year represents, one-fortieth of your entire life, and possibly one-thirty-fifth of everything you have ever remembered. As someone who has lived one pay period to the next for about 20 years entire years go by in with little regard. Or much to show for them.

2011 passed with few remarkable moments in my life. Having the Gl*tterB*tches set a new fundraising benchmark, getting to meet Amy, the Vancouver Stanley Cup riot, quitting my horrible job and Joe finishing school is my long list of things I remember. Hardly earth-shattering stuff, but not insignificant.

No matter how I try, I find this clean slate and unmarked calendar a little intimidating. Will this be the year that I actually *do* what I know how to do to be a productive human being? Or will this be the same year of frustration, anxiety, good intentions and failure everyone single other one has been.

Barring a lottery win, I think I already know the answer.