Wednesday, March 17, 2010

*le sigh*

I am slowly coming to accept that the job I have is the job I have. At this point I've been out of a resume worthy job for over a year, and the job I've got is probably the best I can do at this point.

This makes me want to cry, because everything I'm really good at doing is not a skill set my boss is looking for. It is the same thing every single day. Download and print his email, open his mail, transcribe the emails or letters he dictates, make his photocopies, file.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I'm grossly underpaid for the kind of high maintenance this guy is, and he's acting like I should be glad to have his pittance. No extended benefits, not even an MSP kick-in, no extra vacation. I've been warned by the woman who works for the accounting arm of his company that he will try to pay me out the two weeks rather than give me the two weeks vacation I am entitled to under BC law.


At this point, this is it and it pays the rent and keeps the wolves at bay. But my goodness it's boring. The only thing that is good about it is that he doesn't dock my pay when I go to the doctor and I can wear yoga pants and baseball caps to work if I want to.

I haven't come to a level of acceptance that allows me to put this job on my resume yet, but I am sure as the fog of denial lifts it will come to be.

On the Copaxone front:

My Pharmacare coverage is in place leaving me on the hook for $1500. I want my extended medical to pay that $1500. My neurologist sent in all the forms (I know this because the insurance company called to confirm the DIN of Copaxone because it was missing).

It took them TWO WEEKS to send the forms to the Administrative Department that Signs Off on Such Things and now it has been another two weeks. Still no word. The last time Joe called (he is the primary, I'm the dependent.) they were very clear that when it was approved *THEY* would call *HIM*.

For my American readers, I got "government health care" in 48 hours. My private insurance company is still thinking about $1500 worth of $18,000 a month later.

The private sector is *so* much more efficient, my lily white ass.

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  1. They are efficient... efficient at keeping as much money as possible by denying or delaying paying claims as long as possible.

    It's so alien to me that employers are required to give two weeks of vacation. From the posts I see in the Vancouver community, labor law is so different from what it is in this part of the US as to be a whole different planet. Some of my coworkers cash out their vacation time which I just can't understand. Heck, if I could take a month without pay each year, I'd do it and adjust the spending to make the budget work.

    Hope you don't have trouble actually taking your two weeks. Everyone needs a break, especially when the job is mind numbingly boring.