Friday, June 15, 2012


So Kimli posted this today. I laughed.

So I immediately thought of these lines from Margaret Cho:

"Because there is no such thing as a straight man with visible abdominal muscles. You have to SUCK COCK to get that kind of muscle definition.
It doesn't work for women.
You know I tried, okay?"

Then that reminded me of when Margaret Cho saved my life. So I started putting that in a post but it was a little heavier than I wanted to post today. I wrote something incredibly safe.

Then I remembered she said this:

Silence equals nonexistence. If I don't give too much information, if I don't go there, it's like I was never there in the first place.

So I wrote as much as I could so it wouldn't embarrass anyone else. I got angry about having to edit myself because of the world today and being unemployed and made some sort of "Why I oughta..." statement. And then I watched the A&F video again and laughed.

Now if I could only remember what I was doing before the visible abs happened.

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