Monday, November 2, 2009

Kill me now.

I have just been rejected by the Province of BC for disability benefits because Joe is a full-time student. The requirement is that we have to apply for regular welfare benefits as a family and then see if I can get the disability supplement on top of that. Between the two of us we would be allowed to make $500 a month. I can feel free to re-apply when he quits school to look for gainful employment.

The application for Canada Pension Plan disability benefits will take 3 to 6 months and I will probably have to appeal that, making it a year or more before I either get a cheque or am told I don't qualify. (I've been told that people with MS not in wheelchairs are rejected close to 75% of the time, and only win appeals in 30% of those cases.)

MS has destroyed my life, and now it's quickly destroying Joe's. If I don't find a job very, very quickly, everything we have will be gone- our apartment, our electricity, phones and internet. I have 8 days to come up with a plan before everything starts to be taken away from us.

Joe doesn't deserve this. He deserves a good wife who can fulfill the promises she made him when he moved to this godforsaken country.

I need a job. That's the only option at this point.

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  1. How defeating, Lori. Lots of love from over here to both of you.