Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today I broke a sweat at work. I was looking for a particular box in the office storage area but ended up having to move about 80% of the boxes to make sure that the one I was looking for wasn't there. It wasn't.

These boxes were heavy, but not irresponsible to lift heavy and I moved them all around with little difficulty. It was hot in the room as well, and other than a little pause to catch my breath because I'm woefully out of shape I did it all without getting exhausted.

Then I went up to my boss' office and purged the top of his desk of every useless printed email from 2009 and earlier (I found spam emails dating back to 2006). I have almost 1000 sheets of paper that can be printed on the other side, 3/4 full blue box and a full trash can of stuff that cannot be recycled or reused.

The cleaning makes me mentally feel better about my surroundings but the physical work from today makes me feel more confident in my body's ability to do its jobs. Sure I am not counting on it working well every minute of every day, but I have a little more confidence in my ability to do things that will help make me stronger and help me lose the 30 lbs I've put on since my legs started failing a year ago.

I've had Christina Aguilera singing in my head all day.

"Don't talk at me that way
Cos I ain't never gonna change
And if you're talking about my life
You're only wasting your own time"

I'm sassy today.

It feels a-MAY-Zing!

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