Friday, April 30, 2010


Tonight will make shot number four.

So far it's been surprisingly hassle free. I don't have the constitution to jab myself yet, so Joe has done the last two nights and tonight I will use the auto-injector because I just can't bring myself to inject myself without getting light headed.

I feel like such a baby because rationally I *know* that the needle itself does not hurt, it's the medicine going in that hurts and that doesn't hurt until pretty much after everything is cleaned up.

It's so stupid of me to be afraid like that.

I'm thinking about going in for a shower, putting on my pjs and just getting the stuff out and trying to do it without thinking about it. I'm pretty sure it won't work like that because there's a fair bit of prep to do and that leaves me time to think.

I'm tired. Maybe I should just suck it up, do the shot and go to bed with a good book.

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