Friday, March 4, 2011


I was supposed to write about Chapter 1 - Preparing for Change last night, but I ended up spending over three hours completing the job application for the government.

THREE HOURS (and I didn't even finish the cognitive skills test) and it left me just exhausted. So... I'll be brief.

Chapter 1 of This Year I Will... is less than two pages long. It simply warns against just jumping in and taking drastic actions when you haven't even thought it through. You have to prepare to take action.

Be clear about my motivation:

Why do I do what I do now?
What will help and support my personal changes?

Can't linger here, at least not for very long. I know for me one of my fail points is just jumping in and not realizing what I can actually fit into my life logically.

Before action - prepare.

I"ll be back tomorrow with Chapter 2 - You've Really Got To Want This

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