Monday, January 14, 2013

A Major Breakthrough

Yesterday it was chilly in my apartment when I woke up. I cajoled my husband into coming back to bed to warm me up, but he found it boring, so he added my TV-watching-blanket to the top of me bed and left. Within minutes I was sound asleep. I slept for an additional four hours.

Shortly before I was diagnosed, having a shower would leave me unable to walk, exhausted, and with short-term memory problems.

Since mitoxantrone, I can have a shower without these symptoms, but I still shower before bed just in case it makes me tired or my legs decide to short out. But I thought I was over the worst of the heat sensitivity.

I cracked a window last night and took the extra blanket off the bed. I woke up around the time I thought I would. Getting warm puts me to sleep. 

Too hot makes me cranky and I can't walk right.
Too cold makes me cranky.
Warm and cozy makes me sleep. Makes me sleep for hours.
My optimum operating temperature is 18 to 22C  (64-72F)

Though I can stay awake at less than 18, so it's a good thing I live in Canada.

So the key to my waking up at a decent hour is to have barely seasonally appropriate bedding and wear summer pjs all year round.

This is a major breakthrough!


  1. Hurray! :D

    I've discovered I have a similar problem with it being hot making me fall asleep. It is especially bad if I'm in a car. I pretty much need the AC blowing on me or the window opened if it's really hot out.

  2. I am a freak about how I sleep. I have the window open and a fan going all year round. I sleep with no tops sheet and one of those double sided Persian fluffy blankets. My feet are usually stuck out the bottom. I cannot stand when sheets and blankets are tucked in at the bottom. Hotel maids hate me. I sometimes put my blanket in the dryer to warm it up before I get in bed. Once my feet are warm - out they go. Oh, and I like half the blanket tucked behind and in front (especially when others are in bed with me)to act as a barrier.

    It's good you are figuring out what works!