Thursday, August 1, 2013

Again, again, again!

Today I fucked around playing clicky games on Facebook until the reminder(s) I set up on my phone could be ignored no longer.

I want to start the habit of writing daily, one that I have stopped and started twice over the past year. It got trashed when we traveled for two weeks last August, and then again when we were in panic mode to get the fuck out of Vancouver in 6 weeks.

I think that I have found a bit of my groove here in Windsor, and I'm trying to prevent that groove from becoming a rut.

So I'm using to track my daily writing. Some days I know I am going to type "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." five hundred and eleventy times. Some days I'm going to try to race myself to the 750 words and hope my typing OCD doesn't stop me.

I'm also using a book called "A Year of Writing Dangerously" that I picked up for some inspiration. I read Day 1 today, and on Sunday (and every Sunday for the next 52 weeks) I will use a prompt from the 52 prompts conveniently located in the back of the book.

This year I will finish my atheist memoir.
This year I will finish my organizing/productivity book, which is a delightful irony. I am having difficulty organizing and finishing a book on organizing and productivity. I could laugh.

I'm also using two writing tricks from Ernest Hemingway.

Stop writing while I still have an idea and flow.
Write drunk. Edit sober.

(I'm actually kidding about the last one.)

(But only a little.)

(I'll probably try it once.)

(I'll try it more than once.)

(A week.)

I also need to find a cheap motel room out by a highway that I can rent for a week and try to write a book in a week. I don't deal well with cabins in the woods, as bugs, dirt, and wildlife ain't my bag.

A cheap motel room, some handheld food (fruit, cheese, bread, protein shakes, Italian meats), a bottle of Wild Turkey, a fridge that makes ice, a vintage hi-ball glass, my teapot and my two favourite Twinings blends, three pairs of pajamas, and my laptop. Bang out 7,000 to 10,000 words a day. Use StayFocusd to keep me from fucking around playing clicky games on Facebook instead of writing.

That would be a good week.

I hope I can afford it sooner rather than later.

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