Monday, September 21, 2009

My problem

"You viciously oppose free will. You avidly tell people what they should think."
- Anonymous response to my online survey

If opposing free will is calling members of my family out for sending racist "jokes" and for being angry when someone says it shouldn't matter, then call me vicious.

How I even know these people, let alone come from the same gene pool, is a constant source of bewilderment for me.

It is true that you don't get to pick your family, but I have never been more grateful that I live 3000K away from these people than I am right now. They were so loving and concerned when I was sick, but now... now I'm just too bloody opinionated. Now I'm just a high and mighty bitch who has no place telling other people that what they think is wrong.

So, the only two people in my immediate family who are still speaking to me are my parents and maybe my brother. (we don't talk. not because we hate each other, but because we don't talk on the phone) How long that lasts after this message gets out is questionable. My sisters think that it is more important to defend stupidity than to accept that they were and are wrong.

I can't believe we grew up in the same home. I am crying because I had no idea that my family was capable of such hate. I am sick to my stomach.

I thought there was a chance that my sisters and I could be friends now that we are adults, but I was wrong. It shouldn't be surprising, but it still hurts. I am sure that the two of them can come up with enough problems with my past that will justify this in their minds.

I'm done.

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