Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today I saw:

1. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wearing a Grinch parody t-shirt that said "The Pimp who Sold Bitches". (I don't think he's very devout when he's in Canada.)

2. A homeless woman/girl who stopped an entire crowd of strangers to shriek "YOU RUINED MY LIFE" at them and then screamed.

3. An episode of Lie To Me.

I did 1/3 of a Jillian Michaels workout. I did an hour of physiotherapy as well.

I carried 10lbs of free weights in a backpack from Robson & Denman in the West End to Commercial & E. 18th in East Van without stopping.

I jogged to catch two buses and to make it through an intersection before the light went red.

I have a bet with Jason King that I will lose enough weight to get into my favourite pants a) before he does or b) by Valentine's Day.

I have new alphabets for PCStitch, projects on the go and projects on the to-do list probably until the end of the year. Maybe. I wish I could stitch more often.

Tomorrow is more of the same. Not much changes around here.

Sixteen days until I have my next mitoxantrone treatment and UBC Hospital called today to tell me my next MRI appointment. If there's positive change from last year (my diagnostic image) then I don't have to have anymore mito! YAY for no more smurf juice. Given that I am head and shoulders better than I was a year ago, with only some minor deficits remaining, I am thinking that I won't need any more.

Only two more days until hockey.


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