Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh the indignity of it all.

What was supposed to be a 1 hour and 15 minute appointment at the MS Clinic turned into a four and a half hour epic.

I was supposed to have a 15 minute drop in with the neurologist to confirm that Copaxone is the way we are going and then go to see the physiotherapist for an hour to get some exercises for my vestibular problems.

My neurologist was running late (qu'elle suprise!) so they sent me to the physiotherapist on time. Great. Then the physiotherapy student working with my physiotherapist was late so a quarter of the way through my assessment we pretty much had to start over to get her up to speed.

My vestibular dizziness problem is very slight, so my exercises are going to be very fine movements of my head and eyes. I ended up with the physiotherapist for half an hour longer than scheduled.

Then I end up back in the waiting room. 45 minutes later my neurologist comes out and we have a short talk. She asks me how many times I have gone to the bathroom that day. When I told her four she wrote out an order on a slip and told me to go see the MS nurse.

I had a bladder ultrasound. My bladder is fine and I have no UTI. The nurse says she's going to refer me to a urologist because I'm too young to have this not be MS related. Then I remind her that I have menopausal symptoms because of the mitoxantrone, she gets wide eyed.


So now I am getting a referral to BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre to get some help for my chemotherapy induced menopause. There is a chance that hormone replacement therapy will kick start my ovaries again, and Women's is the place for that kind of support.

But the gravest injustice is that MS has given me an abundance of old lady problems at the age of 35. I have a cane, my bladder is too active and I'm in menopause.

This is not how I pictured my mid-30s to pan out.

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