Saturday, August 7, 2010


Went for my three month follow up after starting Copaxone.

I have regained about 95% of what I lost during my first relapse. That's the great news.

My coordination is improving, I have more vestibular training to do in order to get the most out of yoga and pilates and some kinetic training to improve my cardio on the bike. My optic nerve is healing and my strength is improving on my left side. I can walk straight, walk on my toes and walk on my heels. I can stand with my legs together, arms straight out and close my eyes. I am sleeping 6 to 8 hours a night and still functioning in my day. I'm still having an unpleasant symptom that makes me feel awful about myself, but I'm not likely to get an answer on this until late this year or early in the new year because it's not something that is going to kill me. I have minimal spasticity remaining in my left leg. I am still getting nerve fatigue but she couldn't wear it out in a 15 minute test like she could last year.

I have to see the Copaxone nurse because some of my bruises have turned into spider veins which is not cool.

Since I don't have anything "interesting" going on, I won't get another MRI until A) I have a significant relapse or B) have one considered in three years. Which is good, because I don't see the point of doing an MRI on someone who is, for all intents and purposes, healthy.

I am really enjoying the Ativan. Really enjoying to the point where I think it might be wise to take the weekend off because this feeling of absolutely not giving a shit about anything can be quite habit forming. It's just so good.

And 30 of them only cost $11. Even without Fair Pharmacare I'd totally put the money out for that.

Following up with the Neuro in February 2011, after checking in with my annual poke n' prod at the family doctor and the MS neuro-psychiatrist in September.

Considering asking my family doctor to send me for a consult with a reconstructive surgeon because I would LOVE to get rid of these breasts of mine. My back, neck and shoulders are just killing me even with good, properly fitted bras. But it's still under consideration.

After those two appointments I will have a more accurate picture of what it is I need to do to save my own life.

But for now, I'm going to consider what to do this weekend since my house has been neglected for more than three weeks and that makes me feel awful about myself too.

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