Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm lazy and don't have enough time.

I totally posted this elsewhere on the web.
But this is why I am lazy...

I have put in 8 hours at the office.
I have put 500 words of non-fiction on paper.
I have researched public spaces for a product launch party for 30 to 50.
I have put together the to-do list for that event.
I have researched and put together a short report on 5 e-commerce merchant account services.
I have eaten food and accomplished the unthinkable... I hit the targets in every single area I'm tracking.
I have done my strength training and physiotherapy.

It is not quite 9:30 PM but I still have half a dozen things left to do, and my stupid effin' to-do list won't load in a timely fashion tonight.

I am posting this blog. Then I have to sweep the floors, layout my clothes for tomorrow, put my purse and stuff together for the office, track my MS symptoms, and file my nails. I need to have a shower and dry my hair. I have to do my shot. Then I want to get another 500 words down before I fall asleep watching Colbert.

I am not sure that it is humanly possible, but I am going to step forward and try.

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