Monday, January 31, 2011

1st Management Commentary for Month One of Fiscal Year

On resolution 1. of the Resolution of the Sole Shareholder of LVK Ventures Inc. progress has been remarkable. The shareholder has managed to not only make appointments, but arrive on time to them. She did not cancel a single appointment no matter how (potentially) unpleasant the appointment might have been.

This month, the shareholder made it to a bladder function test, a waxing appointment, a gynecologist appointment and a hair appointment.

Management looks forward to February's appointments - sewing lesson, a urologist appointment, a Meat Beat Manifesto concert, a psychiatrist appointment, a follow up appointment with the gynecologist, and the shareholder's third waxing appointment in as many months.

On resolution 2. art practice output was operating at or near capacity for 26 days out of 31.

On resolution 3. stationary biking happened 25 out of 31 days.

On resolution 4. the shareholder gave up the will to live three times in 31 days, by eating McDonald's once and KFC two times.

Management is overjoyed by the progress made on resolution 5. A goal of 250 words per day was set and output was a stellar average of 318 words per day. 9857 words were written in the month with 5,996 of them deemed to be usable or re-workable in a current project.

If output continues on this level in February and March, the output goal for Q2 will be revised.

On resolution 6. this post still doesn't count toward my daily and monthly totals. Lazy Brain is reportedly less bitter about this.

Lazy Brain also needs much less reminding about resolution 7. and is okay most days with the non-cumulative nature of the accounting. Except for the day they wrote 1093 words, LB was pretty bitchy about not taking the next day off.

The sole shareholder continues to engage in resolution 8. This is part of the reason why she is taking sewing lessons on Wednesday.

In the spirit of resolution 9. current productivity levels are to be maintained at minimum and increased where possible. To this end the sole shareholder has deemed that February will be 28 Day Bootcamp Challenge month to try to lose this 15 extra pounds her old scale didn't tell her she had.

We look forward to tracking next months progress with shiny stars on an Anne Taintor wall calendar. That month's theme:

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