Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I have no word for "entrepreneur"

I really don't like working for the man I work for.

There, I said it. Out loud and on the internet.

It's not that I don't like the work. I'm good at the work. I am asked to do all sorts of things I like doing on a daily basis.

I just work in an inefficient way, using obsolete tools to produce material that looks dated and out of fashion.

And that makes me sad.

But what I do like is paycheques. Paycheques that are demonstrably larger than the EI cheques I was getting in June. They do things like pay the rent, allow me to put food in my belly, get my hair did and buy new sheets all the while keeping my husband able to get his second degree at university.

The Predict-a-Pen at Chapters told me that I should do the work to become a personal organizer before I do the writing classes. The Magic 8 Ball app I added to my phone confirmed the answer. So as soon as I know if my current job is permanent, I will start that process.

In the meantime, if anyone in Vancouver has an organizing job they would like free help with on an evening or weekend, let me know. I need some portfolio material and I'll work for free and in my spare time until the end of the year.

Huh, that's a decision I apparently just made. Weird.

Anyway... I don't know that I want to be self-employed, or at least not right now. I just know that I want desperately to do what I am good at for a living.

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