Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blah blah blah

I really, really hate looking for a job.

I really, really hate having MS.

I really, really hate not having enough hours in the day to slack off playing Facebook flash games and get the house work done, learn pilates and/or yoga, work on my book, work on my idea(s) and buy lottery tickets.


Today I got a coffee as a mid-afternoon pick me up and I saw that this particular java purveyor had a shiny shaker full of "vanilla sugar".

I love vanilla sugar in coffee. It's been a couple a years since I had some, I'm pretty sure.

I finished that cup of coffee around 3 PM.

Ever since then, randomly and without warning and at no specific interval, I can smell vanilla sugar.


I had a thought, now it's gone.

I've got a date with Stephen Colbert. Good night.

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