Thursday, September 6, 2012

Under the Weather

My hips are on strike today. I can barely walk. They are better than they were at 6 AM  but man they just suck. They hurt a little bit, but mostly they just don't work.

I hate having MS. I never can get comfortable with my routine because today my body just broke for no reason. It was fine yesterday.

"You were fine yesterday."

"You were fine this morning."

"You were fine an hour ago."

How many times have I heard that - said that to myself too - and it always sounds like I'm having a failing pointed out. It feels like an accusation of cheating or faking. It feels like I'm just not good enough.

I really like Joe Biden. I don't care who knows that.

What's left of this wine is still really good.

I understand my thoughts aren't rational. But I hate using MS as an excuse. Then I remember there is a big difference between an excuse and a reason.

MS is a reason why I can't do things. I hate it. Though I think that I prefer to have a reason than the excuse of my own procrastination or neglect.

1 comment:

  1. My hips get weak and malfunction as well. Makes you walk like George Jefferson, doesn't it.

    You aren't making excuses, stating a fact, least like saying your tibia is broken. It is what it is.

    I hope that soon you are treated to a good day and that you don't spend it cleaning.