Friday, May 10, 2013


Nothing is exciting. Things are just different.

I took two buses today, just to find out where they go.

Bus routes in this city MAKE NO SENSE.

The first bus was *exactly* like Peterborough buses in the 1990s, with those hard painted seats, except this bus was in different colours, and it was super clean and graffiti had been *handled*. You could see where it had been scrubbed off or painted over.

Also, that first bus driver drove it like he *owned* it. Superfast!

The second bus was a hybrid. It was also very clean and graffiti-free.

Also, the whole front of the bus before the back door is courtesy seating. The seats adjacent to the back door are not.

I woke up this morning to the sound of automobile tires on wet pavement. IT RAINED! For the first time in over two weeks I saw the rain.

It was done raining by the time I got up. It looked like more rain all afternoon, but none came. Except for a little cloud burst that happened while we were in Target getting a more sturdy shower curtain; when we came out all the cars were covered in droplets, but the pavement and asphalt were dry.

But yeah, rain. 

I was promised a thunderstorm today and it never happened.

I haven't seen a right and proper thunderstorm in years. Now Ontario wants to keep me waiting.

Ontario is a jerk.

The closest independent coffee purveyor is over a kilometer (and just shy of a mile) from my house.

Hell, the closest chain coffee purveyor is over a mile from my house.

I live near nothing but the University and other people's apartment buildings.

And a convenience store, a guy who sells Chinese dumplings, and a dry cleaner/alterations shop. And a bong store.

The convenience store also sells bongs.

We have a great view of the GM headquarters in Detroit from one of our bedroom windows.

I hate the apartment less now that it's about 80% clean.

Please tell me I'm not the only person who wipes down her light switch and electrical outlet covers.

If wiping down light switch and electrical outlet covers is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Job hunting still sucks.

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