Saturday, May 30, 2009

An Exercise

I made a list of 100 Things I am Grateful For last night and over 50 of them are things that I just think are really cool or I like, (like my new Puma boots) but I'm not particularly "grateful" for them.

I think this is an example of why I am not a nice person.

I went to a party where I didn't know anyone and I was totally not myself. That's not cool, and a symptom of either Joe's paranoia of strangers rubbing off on me or a lack of self-confidence.

I'd hazard a guess that it's a bit of both.

I went out in the hot today and I didn't fail.

1 comment:

  1. All of those things sound sort of good to me (well not the lack of self-confidence!) specially the last since I have serious problems w/ hot weather which can only be resolved by a soak in a tepid bath which is just unpleasant and annoying despite everyone saying, "oh that's great that you figured out what will make it go away!" blah blah, who wants to sit in a tepid bath for 30 minutes?!?

    Sometimes literally all you have to be grateful for are your puma boots or you rally cute pink and white curtains. Better to be grateful for those things than not, yes?