Sunday, May 3, 2009

Symptom Log: Day 21

Things still aren't any different. The footdrop, ataxia, neuralgia, and anaesthesia come and go, as does the fatigue, anxiety, mood swings and Uhthoff's. Though, I've figured out a trick to deal with shower related Uhthoff's. I keep my head out from under the water at all times, except when rinsing shampoo and I don't let the hot water run down my spine except to rinse.

As we've figured out most of my lesions are on my spine, not in my brain, this is an important discovery. Thankfully, it never gets really hot here in Vancouver and if I can get Joe to start letting go of having the heat on at night, I can really avoid the heat related problems.

All of my stress in mental, not physical, so I 'm hoping that there are some good drugs forthcoming from my collective of doctors. Instead of hating my life, maybe I can graduate to not caring about my life? That would be a refreshing change!

I don't know if Miss Erin and I are going to the craft show this afternoon, but I'm either ready to do that, or ready to do yoga.


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