Monday, May 18, 2009


I went from no-tech to ALL THE TECH.

The MS clinic said we should get cell phones because I/we might need to be in touch and I didn't have any way of doing that. I was living quite happily without a mobile device, but I suppose it was time to journey forward into the 21st century.

We could've paid $60-ish each a month for a basic phone/text package (US readers, don't be horrified, that's pretty normal for Canada) or we could pay $70-ish each a month for the full voice/data plan... so we both got BlackBerrys (ies?)

I got the black/pink BlackBerry Pearl flip. Joe got the Curve but hates the buttons, so he'll probably trade it in for the Pearl in the black/black option. (I got the last black/pink one, so he's SOL from that store.)

Problem is they screwed up my data plan, so all I have is voice and text and limited browsing, until they figure out what's wrong. I'm a tad pissy, because I wanted my Google calendar, email addresses and Remember the Milk sent to my phone, but NOOOOooooo... I have to wait until Rogers is damn good and ready to.

I'll give the number out when all this is good. Anyone outside of Vancouver can only have it if they promise to only call if they or a direct blood relative of mine is dead and you can't reach me at home.

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