Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 3 of my captivity.

This shit blows. I've gained four levels in Mafia Wars though, so it's hasn't been a complete waste of time.

When I couldn't make it to the interview this week, that part-time job I mentioned went away. Bye Bye job!

I should've taken the polish off my toes before I painted my fingernails. Now I have to find gloves or redo my fingers.

The weather is forcasted to be cooler tomorrow, and with things progressively getting back to normal by Tuesday. Please bring the rain!

According to my stomach, a Klondike bar and a Dr. Pepper weren't a suitable lunch. According to my brain, it's indifferent toward food.

It's official. I'm in menopause, but it's likely to be temporary. It's funny, before I got MS "temporary" meant "4-6 weeks, maybe 8" but now it means "maybe we'll know more in 6 months, maybe a year, or even as much as two years".

It's also official. I am depressed and there's nothing I can do about it but take happy pills. Day 3 of Wellbutrin brings no relief to my depression and not a single side effect. I might as well be taking a placebo.

I got into a provincial drug coverage program for crazy people who can't afford their meds. I pay $0 for all my crazy drugs. YAY! Maybe next time they'll cover the 'Pams.

My return visit to the psychiatrist is July 13.

There's nothing quite like going to the psychiatrist to have your depression checked out on your 35 birthday after your life has been so incredibly disappointing thus far.

Here's to hoping I can leave the house tomorrow because Chang in going to be here.


  1. Wellbutrin is not an SSRI - w/ my recent symptoms which involved me going off Lexapro which I started taking after reading research that taking an SSRI assisted people with MS in maintaining long term mobility.

    Going off the Lexapro has helped to alleviate one symptom I have been having which is not an MS symptom but without it I am having a lot of pain which I am really not at all accustomed to having and my left leg and arm are weak.

    It is interesting that they put you specifically on the only anti-depressant I know of that isn't an SSRI.

  2. I don't find it interesting at all, because I can't take SSRIs. They make me either suicidal, sucidal and violent or suicidal, homicidal and violent.

    We don't want that.

  3. LOL no suicidal and violent is no good! I have to take a really teeny dosage of Lexapro otherwise I apparently impossible to deal with because 1. I feel GOOD and 2. I'm just all STFU to everyone - definitely the homicidal category!