Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Following up.

I met with my neurologist yesterday.

I have measurable improvement, I'm to stay on the anti-depressants & I can book my next mito treatment.

He thinks that we might be in a position to hold back the sixth treatment as an insurance policy if I get sick again. We'll look at me again in November. He seem disinterested in how I was feeling but very interested in the spasticity in my left leg.

I just lost feeling in my right thumb and then it came back after a few seconds. It's when stuff like that happens that I realize that I can never have a normal life, because there's constant reminders of my condition. My body won't let me forget I have MS.

Chang gave Joe and me the plague and it's not cool. I've got to be over this shit before I can get my next round of treatment!

Codeine cough syrup FTW!

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