Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer time... and the living is easy? Really?

It took me three days to recover from getting my back overheated on Thursday. I used cold ice packs, I rested, I even resorted to some NSAIDs just in case I was beginning an inflammatory response.

This shit is difficult for me to tolerate. I don't like being outside at the best of times so having MS has really contributed to turning my dislike of outside into something close to agoraphobia.

I see my neurologist on Monday morning. Then I should get my date for my next mito. Me thinks that it can't come a moment too soon. I've been feeling like crap for 2.5 days and a bag of steroids just might be what the Dr. ordered. I am going to ask my doctor if maintenance doses of solumedrol are possible.

I've been on the max dose of Wellbutrin for a week, and it doesn't feel like any thing's different at all. I've had no side effects, my world is sucking far more than it sucked a week ago, and I'm not sure how anti-depressants fix a situational depression. I'm going to ask about that too.

If I had a gun, I'd put a bullet in my brain.

I guess it's an even better thing that I live in Canada. I don't have the dexterity and reaction time or the money to afford to take the FAC course, and I wouldn't pass the psychiatric test to get a rifle or a handgun.

I never get to do anything.

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  1. But at least you still have your sense of humor! Summer with MS anywhere that gets above 75F just sucks the big one period. I cannot understand all the people who move down to florida w/ MS because they can't tolerate the cold and then NEVER go outside while the sun is out. Vampires!