Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saturday Night's Alright

My nightclub days are done.

I think I knew this before last night, but it's now really clear.

The place wasn't even close to full, but I couldn't even dance for more than one song before I got too hot to keep moving. After a while all I could do is just sit because it was too hot to move around or even stand.

After a couple of hours I realized I needed to go home because spending my time perched on a bar stool listening to music I wasn't really interested in while being terrified to stand up because I wasn't quite sure if my left leg would hold me up wasn't fun. And if I am going to expend my energy to stay up on a Saturday night, that shit better be FUN. Though it might have been better if the $7 drinks weren't as weak as hell.

So... I am officially Ye Olde Laydee.

If anyone has any suggestions for how I should spend my Saturday nights in the near future, my inbox is open.

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