Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spousal Advice

90% of the TV I watch involves the arrival of the medical examiner at some point during the program.

My favourite kind of shows are the true crime shows like 48 Hours: Hard Evidence, Murder by the Book and, when it was on, Cold Case Files. (I miss that show so much!)

I can't be the only person who watches these types of shows and then says to their spouse:

"Baby, if you want a divorce just ask for one. Don't kill me."


"Baby, if you're going to kill me do it yourself. Don't try to hire some half-wit with a concealed carry permit."


"Baby, if you're going to kill me, make sure you know what day AND time the dumpster is picked up. Once I'm in the landfill, you're home free."

And I'm sure I'm not the only person who watches these types of shows and gives their spouse advice on getting away with spousal homicide who's spouse looks at them like they are insane and then refuses to listen to the logic and reasoning behind the advice.

That look and refusal makes me sad, because I've got this kind of thing worked out and he just doesn't care to know about it.

I suppose it's true that partners should have different interests.

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