Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Breakup Song for a City

White knuckles and sweaty palms from hanging on too tight 
Clench of jaw, I've got another headache again tonight 
Eyes on fire, eyes on fire, and they burn from all the tears 
I've been crying, I've been crying, I've been dying over you 
Tie a knot in the rope, trying to hold, trying to hold, 
But there's nothing to grab, so I let go 

I think I've finally had enough, I think I maybe think too much 
I think this might be it for us (blow me one last kiss) 
You think I'm just too serious, I think you're full of shit 
My head is spinning so blow me one last kiss

Just when it can't get worse, I had a shit day (no!) 
You had a shit day (no!), we've had a shit day (no!) 
I think that life's too short for this 
I'll pack my ignorance and bliss 
I think I've had enough of this.
Blow me one last kiss. 

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