Sunday, March 10, 2013

Surprisingly enough...

I'm not really angry any more.

Disappointed, yes.
Like a failed state, definitely.

But mostly I just wish we had enough money to just fucking leave in the morning.

Unfortunately, someone in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba won the $30 million on Friday night, so my "leaving town independently wealthy" fantasy remains unfulfilled.

Now the task list is very simple.

Package up what we're taking, sell our portable air conditioner, (used five times, four years old this summer, perfect condition, $100 - East Van), throw out everything that we're not taking, buy a car, Joe writes an exam, we leave.

The exam will happen on April 19. We will leave as soon as possible after that date, but definitely before our tenancy expires on April 30.

I can barely stand the wait. I just want to go so badly.

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