Saturday, October 6, 2012

Free time

As I posted today, when my boss said my job would "probably" be done by the end of the month what he *really* meant was it would "definitely be done by the end of the week".

And so it was. I got laid off at 4 PM today. My schedule for next week just opened up. I have that job interview on Tuesday. I have a new suit. Nicky is getting my hair did tomorrow morning. I am actively working a job search plan. I will apply for EI online tomorrow. That's pretty much all I can do at this point.

I feel like a big loser.

I hate going through this crap.

This is the kind of stuff that happens that drives people toward entrepreneurial pursuits, even if they are totally ill-suited for self-employment. I'm not really driven to that kind of life, but I am tired of being dicked around by other people who hold the purse-strings. Though working for yourself means that you have to be willing to work for everybody, and I don't know that it is any more stable than working for someone else.

Meh. I have vodka and lottery tickets. I'm going to hope for the best.

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  1. oh bugger fuck! I forgot to buy my winning Lotto Max ticket. I even reminded myself after reading your earlier post about the ticket.

    As for being a loser. I have that huge education x 3. That's right. 3 degrees/diplomas yadda yadda, the $50,000 worth of debt which is now 10 years in arrears.... they are not ever going to see a penny the lying mofo's since they claimed that you make more money with a degree and are more employable. And here I am at 39 working at contract position (basically, I'm considered self employed) and making barely $24k a year. I'm still pissed that my last great job I had finally made it to $43k a year and then poof.. job go bye bye.

    Everyone's life sucks pumpkin. With or without the education, experience etc. We got shafted. There is no such thing as a life long career/job at one place anymore. We are doomed to work ourselves to death and give away our self esteem and loyalty for pennies and when we have little else to give we are sent on our merry fucking way to try to start it all over again.

    As I said before... when you get to "that" point, let me know. I always happy to lend my technical expertise, marketing and design that I learned me in college. For free of course. Unless you make butt loads of do ra me and then I'd be happy with my retro active share... lol.

    I still think sending out resumes to all the organizing companies would be a great start in finding the new life you want. But much like a-holes, everyone's got an opinion and that one is mine.

    I am getting shit faced tomorrow with my daughter and her friends. Trust me... I'm the bigger loser this weekend... lol

    Rock on BeAtch!