Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wine o'clock

Except I forgot to stop and get some wine in my haste to get the FUCK AWAY from my job.

Yeah, this "temporary" job is turning out to be much more like the permanent job I had with the same guy that ended a year ago.

Good news is I completely re-wrote my resume, applied for a job listed on craigslist and got offered an interview on Monday.

The bad news is, it's with an agency, which means the job I was applying for was likely not real or already filled.

So I soldier on because there's nothing else I can do and there's no way I can stay unemployed forever if I keep putting myself out there. Right? There's just no way that can happen, right?

The more this freakshow goes on, the more and more I am considering trying for a self-employment program through EI. I doubt very much I will get one, but I have got to do something to stop having my life held hostage by exploitive employers holding "lay off" over my head day after day. That shit just ain't right.

Plan A for tomorrow: Buy Lotto Max ticket.

$50 million will purchase me a whole new set of problems.

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