Sunday, October 14, 2012


For the past two years, at some point between Friday after dinner and Sunday evening as late as 9 PM, I turn my handbag upside down to empty the contents on to the middle of the bed.

I pull out the receipts for shredding or filing, re-sort the 20 or so items that live permanently in my purse and pack them back in their places and the weird debris that always shows up in the bottom of my bag stays on the bed.

Then I strip the bed and and change the sheets. Because clean sheets are a mitzvah. Well, I don't know if clean sheets are an actual commandment by god in any formal religion, but they are a necessary action for me in my secular world. Thou shalt have proper bedding!

Pillow fabric shopping was not enough motivation to get up on Saturday morning, but the Baltimore Ravens playing at 10 AM were reason enough for me to get up this morning.

I am completely engrossed in job hunting. I'm LinkedIn-ing, researching companies, going to staffing agencies, going to networking meetings, checking out government programs for the unemployed and considering joining a job club at the public library if one starts soon enough.

If I don't get a job in a couple of weeks I will lose my shit.

I have given up a lot of Facebook flash game time for this job search.

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