Sunday, November 18, 2012

Forward Ho!

So a friend of mine stayed up until 5 AM yesterday morning to build me a website.

I KNOW, right? That's just crazy of her. It's so close to perfect right now I can nearly taste it.

I'm absolutely humbled by her efforts. I'm going to have to do something awesome for her.

I'm writing a manifesto. It is hard on my brain.

I have to schedule some time this week to get Joe to photograph all the completed x-stitch projects I've done this month.

I do not have enough energy to finish everything on my list this week, but with the help of a lot of tea and OTC caffeine pills I should come close to clearing the list. This is the part of MS that drives me crazy; trying to medicate myself through my day so I can have something close to a normal life.

Movember cannot be over soon enough. Creepy 70s-porn-star looking weirdos are creepy.

And Aaron Rodgers... that's just a bad look for him.

No good NFL football until 5PM so I'm going to get shit done while watching murder on TV. (Watching "murder" is Joe's term for the true crime programming I like to watch).


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