Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Setting up

I'm trying to set up a more professional work set up in my apartment. Typing from bed works great when I'm just pounding out crap for this blog, but when trying to write professionally and do things I give a shit about... well that's something different.

So I'm writing this at my actual desk, with a real and true keyboard plugged into my laptop. I'm sitting a swivel office chair and trying to take what I am doing more seriously.

This is serious, yo.

My phone interview went well. I should find out tomorrow if they want me to continue on in the hiring process.

My in-person interview went well. I should find out by the end of the week what the next step is.

I kind of want both jobs. One pays better than the other, the other is more interesting than the other, one has two days off a month, the other has four days off a month. Both come with three weeks vacation, neither have benefits, but one comes with a monthly transit pass.

So, we'll see. No job offer pending at this point.

My favourite contestant on The Voice:   Melanie
The contestant I think will win:               Terry
Most underrated:                                   Cassadee (yeah, I know...)
Most overrated:                                     Trevin
Total badass:                                         Nicholas

Joe's call on SuperBowl XLVII:             Houston v. NY Giants
My call on SuperBowl XLVII:               Denver v. NY Giants (because I LOVE sibling rivalry.)

Someday I'm going to have a desk that I like and is functional. Someday.

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