Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I had a catchy title for this post...

but now I can't remember it.

Good news: I have been given the green light to start colouring my hair again, provided I wait until 3 weeks after this latest treatment and don't do it in the three weeks on either side of my next one. I can totally live with that.

I have sleeping pills that cause drowsiness. That's just awesome.

Adam and Jeanine brought over wine last night. Best. sleep. I've had in weeks.

Bad news: The spasticity in my left calf is getting worse and affecting my balance and making me look like the Minister of Silly Walks.

I'm pretty sure that the Wellbutrin isn't working, but I've now been told that it will be 6 to 8 weeks before I notice anything.

I haven't lost a pound in two months even though I've been eating less, on Wellbutrin and trying to move around more.

I am waiting for my doctor to fill out some forms for this job help agency and I fear that could take freakin For. Ever. The nurse won't call me back either.

The MS Society only has equipment funding for mobility aids, not rehabilitation and prevention equipment. So, I've got to find the money to get the damn stationary bike before my fatness takes over the house.

I am overdue more than 6 months on getting my annual poke and prod because you can't get accurate results when you're on chemotherapy drugs. August 12! Be there or be somewhere else. YAY!

I think that's it.

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  1. Ministir of Funny Walks! Ha ha ha ha ha! Good that your sense of humor is intact anyway :-) I hatehatehatehatehate when the ms effects my walking ability no only because that effects mobiolity period but also because it makes it obvious to all and sundry that there is something WRONG with me. To me one of the best/worst things about ms is that it is not immediately apparent to other people which means that other people are not necessarily going to acknowledge that you might need extra time/assistance but at least they don't perceive you as disabled either.